What To Do With Difficult Borrowers

by | Jan 29, 2023 | FAQ

Lets face it, all borrowers are not alike. You have very nice borrowers, tolerant borrowers and referral borrowers. But there are those types of people who you just cannot please no matter what (albeit very few).

We are able to communicate professionally and effectively with borrowers with handling their considerations on sending items in or timeframes of the loan process. With the difficult borrowers, we
attempt to handle them on their consideration or issues. In most cases, we can win over a crabby borrower and get them back on track.

However, what happens when the borrower is “fighting” us on every item and generally seems like they have a bad taste in their mouths? We do not fight back at them. We stay very cordial and professional with them.

We are sensitive to the fact that each loan is precious to a Loan Officer. Losing a deal because “the processor was so demanding” is our worst fear. Once we deem the situation has become more of a
“sales” issue, we immediately contact the LO so they can intervene and handle the borrower if needed.

This way a borrower does not stew in their issues and possibly start shopping to spite us or the LO. We do not want to put any of our responsibilities on the LO but we feel that once it gets to be a sales issue its in everyone’s best interest that the LO become involved.

Sometimes the borrower may need a stern talking-to. But we would never take this approach with a borrower.

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